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I should get a better camera. Or at least not be so shy when taking pictures.

John Hodgman was performing a comedy show last night at Union Hall in Park Slope. I didn’t know that, so the giddy joy I felt as I told my companion PC was standing in front of us at the door was genuine. I thought perhaps that he was just there to soak up the hipster vibe like the rest of us. It turned out he was amplifying the hipster vibe, by a factor of ten at least.

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Or: a categorical thesis on the recycled recycling of recyclables in pop culture

Everything old is Jung again

Everything old is Jung again

by J.D. Oxblood

I knew we were in bad shape during the previews.  Sandwiched in between trailers for the latest installment of the “Terminator” franchise and the sequel to “Transformers” was an ad for an action-packed Summer Blockbuster that I didn’t recognize.  I started thinking… what haven’t they done yet, and what could this be?  Evil villains in hot Matrix-y black leather, a handpicked crew of “elite” heroes donning metallic super-suits… I turned to my date and said, “This has to be ‘G.I. Joe.’”  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m basically a pessimist, which means that I HATE to be right.

[Spoiler alert:  if you haven’t seen the new “Star Trek” yet, and want to, don’t read this.  It will only piss you off.  Devil’s advocate alert:  if you have seen “Star Trek,” and loved it, please read this, it will totally piss you off.  Sympathizer alert:  if you saw “Star Trek” and thought it was stupid—whether or not you enjoyed watching it—I can’t make a recommendation one way or the other.  I got nothing to say you don’t know already, but sometimes it’s nice to have confirmation.]

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This is from the Lorimer L stop on the Manhattan bound track.

Obviously Kathy Griffin is laughable. That’s why they chose her to host the show. The question is, is a Hitler mustache always funny, never funny, only sometimes contextually funny? It is the easiest form of graffiti, but it must be offensive to the many, many Jews living in Williamsburg. Or is it? The “Void” stamp on her forehead critiques both Griffin’s imbecilic smile and the black smudge on her upper lip. (Could they be the work of the same hand?) The entire picture says “American TV is liberal fascism ultimately void of content.” If we were going to place this on the political spectrum, is this the kind of thing Jonah Goldberg would say? Or Jello Biafra?