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Wits End Jambon 021

Summer’s almost gone — and where did it go? Seems like it didn’t even arrive until July, and starting next week it’s back-to-school, back-from-the-Hamptons, and back to the daily grind.

But let’s not dwell on the past. September marks the beginning of Autumn in New York, and Autumn in New York is always a magical time. When the air turns crisp, the leaves turn red and gold, and Bryant Park turns into a field of white tents housing an army of long, leggy ladies, parties, drinks and fashion flow together from the pent up stores of summer, and the great river of life rolls mightily on.

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April is the cruelest month, but August is the slowest month. It seems everyone is out of town, which is probably for the best when the temperature hits 90 degrees (F), and the humidity is 90%.

Many of us took the month to travel. I returned to the homeland to visit with my roots. J. D. has been lost in the jungles of Central America for the last three weeks. But come Tuesday September will be here. Hopefully it will bring Indian Summer with it: mild temperatures, bright days, and balmy evenings. Hopefully it won’t bring any nasty surprises, like swine flu, terror attacks, stock market crashes and the like. It will definitely bring more writing, reporting, observation and analysis from us here at Culturalcapitol.

~ the Editor.

Speakeasy 08 26 09 01

"Pssst -- Walt sent me."

Last Wednesday was the last Speakeasy at the Museum of the City of New York. If you missed it, too bad. You’ll just have to wait for next year.

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Addicted to TV

Addicted to TV?

Or TV on the Radio?

TV on the radio

Marky Pierson sent this video to J. D. who asked me to post it. (He’s exploring the jungles of Central America until the beginning of August.) He said he got it in response to something he said about wanting to see Dirty Martini bowling in Vegas.

Swamp Donkey

I think “Swamp Donkey” says it all.

A perfect space for TED

A perfect space for TED

On the last Thursday of every month a group of young professionals get together to screen TED talks and share ideas. Last week I was informally invited via Facebook by Ryan Hagen, a founding member of the group (and a Facebook friend from the NYU days). The other founder, Kyle Jaster provided the space (pictured above) in the TriBeCa offices of Rayogram, Mr. Jaster’s design and consulting business.

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