gun virgins

Last night the lovely Ms. Cybil Lake threw a fundraiser to raise funds for the production of her movie “The Gun Virgins” at Gallery Bar. She screened a video from her reality show “The Cybil Lake Show” and served free drinks courtesy of Krol vodka and Caballo Negro wine.

I talked to producer Christina Tinucci for a second. She says excitment is building for the project, though they need to raise a significant amount of money before they start shooting. The film, like the reality show, is true independent cinema: the capital for the project is being solicited in relatively small amounts from many donors. Consequently, Ms. Lake will be able to take complete credit for the movie’s artistic success or failure. Ms. Lake is the consumate auteur on the project: she is the writer, director, and star of the movie and the reality show. Be sure and check their website often for updates. And if you’re an aspiring actor, you might even find a role.

The only bad part of the evening was the bartender at Gallery Bar. He looks like a cross between Frank Zappa and Magnum P. I., but more like Magnum P. I., ’cause he’s such a tool. You know the type: he acts like you’re putting him out to order a drink, the drink you order is only something that an asshole might consume (even though it’s one of three things offered on the fundraiser’s free drink list), and then he yells at you for undertipping. OK, he yelled at me for unertipping. I wanted to say, “a tip is at the consumer’s discretion as a reward to the server for good service — &$*@^#$.” But I didn’t. No point in getting Cybil in trouble. Though if you are one of my three regular readers, take it from me — the Gallery Bar at 120 Orchard St. in Manhattan is for douchbags.