by J.D. Oxblood

Cruised down to DUMBO last week—wow, has that neighborhood changed—to check out the XTO Nude Image Awards Winners at the Farmani Gallery.  I had been invited by Robin Bobbe, partner-in-crime of the photographer Leland Bobbe, who had a winning image in the show—a photo of burlesque performer Victotria Privates.  If you’ve never heard of XTO, it’s worth checking out.  I’m always a big fan of anyone who is willing to give away money to aspiring artists.

Of course, there are always two ways—at least—of looking at things, and the cynic could easily say, “Well, they charge for entries, so they make money and only give SOME of it back to the artists.”  Natch.  But we all gots to get ours, and anyone giving ANYTHING away is in short supply these days, so if you take pictures or otherwise work with images of the nekkid body—bless you—check out XTO, and send in your entries for 2010 to the very lovely and charming Nicole Dominguez.

Most of the burlesque community already knows all about Leland and Robin Bobbe, since they’ve been shooting everyone in New York (more about this in future posts).  But there was other nice stuff to see…


"Michelle Aston" by Michael Grecco










I love this:

"Pythia" by Daniel Tuckmantel

"Pythia" by Daniel Tuckmantel

People love to take pictures of pictures.


"Renaissance" by Vanessa Warren

"Renaissance" by Vanessa Warren

The show is up until July 18th so go check it out.

111 Front Street, Suite 212, in DUMBO.

Kiss kiss,