Hey kids, if you’re looking for trouble on a Friday night, but the Recession has put 24 hour raves off your to-do list, why not check out Brian Newman After Dark at Duane Park?

Brian and his band mates — Scott Ritchie on bass and Alex Smith on the keys —  play a couple of laid back jazz sets with burl-y-q in between from 11:30 until they shut the place down.

Brian and the boys sound like Chet Baker and Miles Davis in a mellow thumb war to determine who is gonna pick up the tab. Brian’s crooning sets the perfect tone for a man and a woman (who my parents told me must love each other very much) to sit at a candlelit table and canoodle into tomorrow.

But just in case the date you brought isn’t getting the message, Brian and company feature guest stars every week.


The radiant Ms. Peekabo Pointe

Every Friday night Brian and the band play back up for the most gorgeous, sophisticated, classy, limber, and jaw-droppingly hot ladies in New York City. Last Friday we were treated to the gravity defying stylings of Ms. Peekabo Pointe. Coming up in February Brian is going to pluck stars out of the New York night sky and put them on display to soothe your blues away. Superlative specimens including Jo Boobs, Amber Ray, Dirty Martini, and Angie Pontani will illuminate the stage for the rest of the month. Two a night till further notice.

Brian Newman After Dark

@ Duane Park: 157 Duane street between W. Broadway and Hudson. Fridays 11 till late NEVER A COVER!