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If you didn’t see it in the comments, our girl Jocelyn over at Rock Star Diary, alerted us to an article in the Greenpoint Gazette that gives more scoop on the Richard Duran killing on July 11.

BUT HERE’S THE NEWS: Why wasn’t the crime scene cleaned up? Because it happened on MTA property. This makes me laugh… the kind of sick, disgusted, sardonic laugh one is likely to cough up at the end of a French noir or an O. Henry story. Or after watching Fox News. No rest for the wicked. No good deed goes unpunished.

The curator of this site has been blogging about the hypocrisy of the MTA, and in a totally unrelated story, a source of bona fide horror turns out to be the responsibility of — you guessed it — the MTA. Here’s the money:

Art Kelly, a Customer Relations Manager responding to Jocelyn’s claim that medical waste was left out for nearly 60 hours, denied that cleaning up the scene was their responsibility. “Per the instructions and standard procedures of the New York Police Department, no one but authorized police personnel are permitted to enter, or in any way, alter a crime scene while investigations are in progress,” Kelly wrote in an e-mail.

But Jocelyn said that she called the police and 311, who told her that, since the crime happened on the MTA’s property, it was their responsibility to clean it up.

I especially love the use of the term “medical waste.” When describing the blood and shattered teeth of a murder victim, I would tend towards the term “human remains.” But maybe I’m splitting hairs. The important fact here is: “His fault.” “No, his fault.” “Hey, it’s not my problem.” “No, really, ask that guy.” Kafka would have had a field day.

And it just keeps getting better. This weekend, I heard from a regular at a bar that I frequent that two young girls were beaten and cut up by thugs, somewhere around South 2nd street. He wasn’t sure whether it was machetes or knives (as if it matters), but had spoken with one girl, who was out of the hospital, and ascertained that the other girl was still in the hospital, apparently in pretty bad shape. I know this is sloppy reporting… I don’t know exactly when this happened or any further details. I will try to get them the next time I can track this guy down. As per usual, my Google search on the subject got me diddlysquat. This isn’t gang-banger bullshit, people. This is a couple of hipster white girls getting CUT THE FUCK UP on their way home from a bar. In a neighborhood teeming with cops, with million-dollar condos for sale. And the shit doesn’t make the Metro pages? Do you have to be a conspiracy-theorist nut job to smell a fish market from a block away? Bloomberg, a fucking word, please?

And FYI: do NOT let your girlfriends walk home alone. A car will cost you $5 to $7 and you’ll get home safely. Any bartender will call you a car — just ask. The trouble spots at this moment seem to be Fillmore Place and South 2nd, but why fuck around? Take a car home, kids. Especially you ladies. Especially late at night. Writing about this shit gives me no pleasure … there’s just not enough latitude to be bitchy.

(Thanks again, Rockstar)
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